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Our mission is to make proactive healthcare accessible for all Americans no matter their age, race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, or location.

Healthcare-As-Usual Must Change

DailyDoctor Offers a New Model of Care

For a long time, healthcare in America has been reactive - waiting for patients to develop serious issues before providing care. This leads to greater risk of hospitalization and death, especially when treating chronic conditions, which disproportionately affect people age 65 and older, minorities, and those who lack access to quality medical care.

Add to this the growing shortage of medical doctors and you have potential for disaster that our healthcare system can't support.

Man looking at a tablet sitting down at a table.

DailyDoctor (originally called AIRx Health) was founded in 2019 by Stanford-trained MD, Vijay Rajasekhar, who saw an opportunity to address these inequalities and greatly improve patient care by checking in with patients for just 1 minute a day.

Not only could this type of care help identify health issues early so they can be managed before a patient needs hospitalization, it also makes it possible for medical teams to help millions of patients each day at a much lower cost.

Everyone deserves access to the best-possible care. DailyDoctor is the first program to help seniors proactively stay in control of their chronic conditions. And this is just the beginning.

Meet Our Leaders

Profile of Vijay Rajasekhar, MD

Vijay Rajasekhar, MD

CEO / Founder

Vijay Rajasekhar is a Stanford trained MD, MBA. He has been involved in 2 FDA approvals and 2 healthcare IPOs in the last decade. Prior to founding DailyDoctor, he was the third employee of Myovant Sciences, the biggest biotech IPO of 2016, where he was a lead physician of the HERO study, a global phase 3 clinical trial of relugolix for prostate cancer that met its primary endpoint. In the past, he helped design Intersect ENT's Propel Mini for sinusitis (FDA approved 2012, IPO 2014). As a Stanford Biodesign Fellow, his team spun out CALA Health for essential tremor (FDA approved 2018). Vijay is an inventor on over a dozen patents, and is an alumnus of the Stanford Biodesign & Mayfield Fellowships. In addition to his medical background and MBA, he also completed an MS, Mechanical Engineering from Stanford, and has a background in design from time at LUNAR Design. He has helped develop technologies for emergency medicine, heart failure, essential tremor, sinusitis, and COPD.

Profile of Marlon Castillo, MBA

Marlon Castillo, MBA


Marlon Castillo has an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Yale University. He leads the technological development and engineering of DailyDoctor. Prior to DailyDoctor, he founded a digital health company that provided remote treatment to people with diabetes. Before his career in healthcare technology, Marlon worked in the energy industry as an investor and commodities trader, during which he was among the first traders in the North American carbon markets. In business school, while an intern at NADEX, Marlon created and launched the first binary options for hurricanes, which were featured on CNBC and the Financial Times. At Yale, his thesis advisor was Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Shiller, with whom he helped structure home equity protection derivatives as well as helped edit his book, The New Financial Order.

Medical Advisors

We've partnered closely with leading healthcare experts to build and continue enhancing our DailyDoctor technology.

Profile of Dr. Nirali Vora

Dr. Nirali Vora

Stroke Specialist

Stanford University

Profile of Dr. Stephen Ruoss

Dr. Stephen Ruoss

Clinical Chief, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Stanford University

Stay in Control of Your Health

A chronic condition doesn't have to define your life. Take control and gain more peace of mind.

From Our Investors

We're proud to be building a diverse team with a diverse investor base that's over 60% female.

Profile of Tomoko Inoue
Logo of OMRON Ventures

OMRON Ventures invested in DailyDoctor to provide better outcomes for patients with high blood pressure, stroke, and respiratory diseases. Chronic conditions are a global problem. OMRON's healthcare business is a world leader in medical hardware, including blood pressure monitoring technologies. We look forward to supporting DailyDoctor on a mission to improve millions of lives.

-Tomoko Inoue,

CEO, OMRON Ventures
Profile of Tiffany Ho
Logo of ACME Capital

ACME Capital invests at the intersection of healthcare and technology. We see a large opportunity in virtual care models to deliver better patient care at scale. Healthcare should not be limited to the doctor's office. DailyDoctor is audaciously providing technologies needed to care for some of our sickest and highest risk patients - who happen to also be our parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

-Tiffany Ho,

ACME Capital
Profile of Ann Miura-Ko
Logo of Floodgate

Floodgate backs prime movers before others believe. We are proud to be the first investors to back DailyDoctor. Innovation in healthcare is incredibly complex. DailyDoctor is not afraid to work on a massively meaningful goal: to reduce the top causes of death in America by redefining access and scalability of healthcare.

-Ann Miura-Ko,

Co-founding partner, Floodgate

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