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    DailyDoctor: Putting The Gold Back Into The Golden Years

    Author profileMay 12, 2022

    4 min read.

    DailyDoctor is the first digital clinic serving the needs of Americans aged 65+ through proactive and preventative health.

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    DailyDoctor's Tech Enabled Reliable Daily Health Monitoring of COVID-19

    Author profileMay 4, 2022

    3 min read.

    DailyDoctor platform used by Stanford Health Care to monitor COVID-19 to provide treatment to patients with deteriorating symptoms and decrease the chance of hospitalization or death.

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    We Are Taking on America’s Leading Causes of Hospitalization and Death

    Author profileApril 5, 2022

    5 min read.

    DailyDoctor platform tapped by Stanford Health Care and Kaweah Delta Health Care District to enable physicians to proactively monitor patients with COVID-19 and chronic disease, at scale

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