Connecting With Our Patients: A Care Coordinator’s Perspective

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“I wish this service was available 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I live alone and knowing that this service helps my doctor take better care of me makes a huge difference.”

Words like these from our patients are among the many reasons why being a care coordinator with DailyDoctor is a deeply rewarding experience.

My name is Alicia, and I am a care coordinator with DailyDoctor. Care coordinators speak with the patients who use our platform on a daily basis. Our job is to assist them with all aspects of remote care from the comfort of their homes. This affords us the unique privilege of connecting with patients, establishing relationships, and working with them to address their concerns and support their priorities.

My care coordinator team includes five others: Donna, Jess, Danielle, Brooke, and Kayla. Every day, we work together to call and text patients to see how they’re doing if they forget to submit their daily check-ins and we remind them to take their vitals and monitor their symptoms. We also get on the phone to help patients schedule initial video visits with the talented doctors on our platform and to coordinate their follow-up calls with these doctors once they are established patients. We make ourselves available to assist patients with any questions that arise regarding their devices and use of the DailyDoctor platform.

As care coordinators, we also make it a habit to reach out to patients to collect feedback and apply their insights to improve and refine the DailyDoctor experience for other folks just like them. However, even outside of these specific requests for feedback, I have learned a great deal from the day-to-day interactions that we get to have with patients.

Throughout our conversations, time and time again patients have informed us of the unique benefits that DailyDoctor and remote preventative care have brought them.

Working with patients every day, I’ve seen how incorporating a quick health check-in into their day serves as a greater reminder of their wellness priorities. Tacking this habit onto an existing habit, such as taking prescribed medicines, or sitting down for a meal, promotes a valuable sense of routine.

In many cases, we also hear that a daily check-in via DailyDoctor provides a measure of accountability. The simple act of taking one’s blood pressure, weight, or oxygen levels carries ripple effects that can extend into all aspects of life. Not only do patients know that a doctor and medical staff are reviewing their vitals and symptoms and monitoring for indicators that would necessitate intervention, patients also recall the importance of maintaining the lifestyle practices that can help keep them within their typical ranges.

Working together with the other members of my care coordinator team and contributing our efforts to DailyDoctor’s mission has provided many opportunities for reflection. The broader team consists of doctors, engineers, analysts, and specialists of all kinds, all of whom are united in their commitment to providing the best possible remote care experience for patients who use the DailyDoctor platform. This is demonstrated every day in the vigilant manner in which the team safeguards patient information, prioritizes security and protection at every turn, and carefully considers the outcome of even the smallest adjustments to the patient experience.

Being a care coordinator has been an eye-opening experience. I feel lucky to collaborate with our patients and to serve as a part of their larger journey in pursuit of health. Serving in this role has also been a reminder to me of how important connection is to seniors in our society. My own grandparents face health challenges, and managing their care has become increasingly important as they age. Equipping our elders with the tools to manage their own care in partnership with their doctors is an essential part of empowering them. Getting to speak with the folks who are doing so has given me the unexpected benefit of connecting with these seniors and learning from them along the way.

Alica Thomas

Alica Thomas

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