Our Work With Stanford Medicine

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Stanford Stroke Center Study

Each year, 1 in 4 strokes occur in patients who have had a prior stroke. Improving blood pressure is the #1 medical intervention to prevent future strokes but is seldom achieved.

Stanford Stroke Center has partnered with DailyDoctor on a clinical study to help stroke patients improve their blood pressure through daily health monitoring from the comfort of their home.

COVID-19 Study with Stanford

During the COVID-19 pandemic, remote monitoring has been used to assess the oxygen level and symptoms of COVID-19 patients who are quarantined and recovering at home.

Stanford utilized DailyDoctor to provide remote monitoring to help COVID-19 patients receive the benefits of medical care and stay connected to their medical team during an otherwise isolating and difficult time. You can read more about the research study and its outcomes in the PubMed publication.

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