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Jacqueline W.
DailyDoctor Patient

"I have been using DailyDoctor for about three years, and it has been great."

"Having many underlying health conditions, it's a blessing knowing someone like DailyDoctor is there to monitor you."

"Doctors in the past might ask me to keep up with my blood pressure at home and write it on a piece of paper. Nine times out of ten you don't do that. DailyDoctor takes in the information every day so they do the work for you. They take the pressure off of you. DailyDoctor is organized, and they will help you organize your health if you let them."

Profile of Jacqueline, a real DailyDoctor patient.

"The doctors seem to be more compassionate and concerned with your health. They never try to rush me off the phone when we're meeting. If they don't have an immediate answer, they'll call me back later. They have been really great to me."

"If the word can get around more to the elderly people that need help with this, that would be such a great thing. This daily monitoring would be so helpful for people out there because it's exactly what they need. As you get older, you get more forgetful, and DailyDoctor will take care of so much for you. I hope the word about DailyDoctor can get out more!"

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