Daily Health Monitoring, Now Covered by Medicare

Expert physicians review your data daily and provide same-day responses to keep you happy, healthy, and out of the hospital.

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Some Conditions We Monitor

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure

DailyDoctor can help improve your blood pressure by providing more regular adjustments to your medications and overall wellness plan.

Chronic Lung Disease

Chronic Lung Disease

Learn how virtual check-ins with DailyDoctor can help manage your COPD and reduce repeat ER and hospital visits by 50%.

Congestive Heart Failure

Congestive Heart Failure

Virtual check-ins with DailyDoctor can help catch a change in your condition earlier and can help you live longer.



Learn how our physicians can help you monitor your blood pressure and keep it within recommended goals, to help prevent future strokes.

We accept Medicare, Medi-Cal, and select private insurers.

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Read how DailyDoctor (formerly AIRx Health) is Transforming Healthcare for Chronic Conditions in America

A Solution Built for Everyone, No App Required

Daily Monitoring Is As Easy As 1, 2, 3

Daily Check-In
Daily Check-In

Every morning, complete an easy 1-minute check-in. Take your vitals and tell us how you're feeling via phone, a texted link, or website. If we don't hear from you, we'll text or call you.

Data Review
Data Review

Shortly after, a physician or a member of their team will review your health data.

Doctor Follow-Up
Doctor Follow-Up

After reviewing your data, a physician will reach out to you the same day to discuss any issues, if needed.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

You're Going To Love DailyDoctor

Every day, people like you manage their health with personalized monitoring and care. Hear from some of our patients.

I wish this service was available 10 years ago when I was first diagnosed. I live alone and knowing that this service helps my doctor take better care of me makes a huge difference.

Jane B., California

Image of testimonial provider for COPD treatment

My uncle died of COPD several months ago and I wish he had this service. I am so glad to be able to use DailyDoctor to help my own COPD management. Thank you!

Thomas H., California

Image of testimonial provider for COPD treatment

I appreciate working with Daily Doctor because I feel if there is a possibility of an upcoming serious illness that it has a better chance of being caught before it gets out of hand. I really appreciate having the ability to get questions answered or reach out for advise and know I will receive a speedy response.

Nancy G., California

Image of testimonial provider for COPD treatment

I rate you a 5 because I feel supported now daily.

Linda W., California

Image of testimonial provider for COPD treatment

Our patients give us 5 stars when asked to rate DailyDoctor

Your Progress, Upfront and Visible

Our Technology Helps Keep You Healthy

Simluation of DailyDoctor Portal

Our best-in-class portal keeps your DailyDoctor physician and care team informed about how you're doing each day. You can also easily ask questions and view your own health data through the portal.

4 Reasons Why Patients Love DailyDoctor

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Remote Patient Monitoring is Covered by Medicare & Medi-Cal

Remote patient monitoring is now covered by Medicare & Medi-Cal for eligible beneficiaries. If you have supplemental insurance (Medigap), your monthly costs may be fully covered.

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Same Day Medical Attention

DailyDoctor connects you to physicians who review your health data daily and reach out the same day if there are any concerns.

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Health Tracking Kit Included

As part of your health monitoring, you will receive a kit to help track your vitals and symptoms. Depending on your conditions, the kit may include a scale, blood pressure monitor, and a pulse-oximeter.

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Integrated with Your Existing Care

Doctors using DailyDoctor will work with your existing medical team to ensure you receive the daily medical attention you deserve.

How DailyDoctor Can Change Your Life

Benefits DailyDoctor icon
Get daily care from the comfort of home
Covered by Medicare & Medi-Cal for eligible beneficiaries
Easy access to specialists trained at top U.S. med schools
Monitoring kit delivered to your home
Easy-to-use platform to track your condition
Physicians available daily
Non-intrusive 1-min daily health check-in

Frequently Asked Questions

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*Physicians are members of InsightMD, Inc., an independent physician practice. Physicians are not employed by DailyDoctor and DailyDoctor does not provide health care services.

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